Popular Science Magazine calls dengue vaccine Most Important Innovation of the year 2016

Popular Science has named the first dengue vaccine at the top of its list of 12 most important innovations in 2016.  “Inoculations have begun in hot zones like Brazil and the Philippines,” The magazine notes, welcoming “finally” a vaccine against a disease that is so widespread particularly in tropical and sub-tropical areas.  As the article states, in fact, half the world’s population lives in areas where dengue is endemic.  In these areas, people can become infected with dengue not just once but four times, as the disease is caused by four different virus serotypes.  This makes the recent availability of the first vaccine of particular interest.  The total annual cost burden of dengue disease is estimated at roughly $9 billion USD.  The World Health Organization also recognized the vaccine’s public health value in 2016 by recommending that countries with high dengue burdens consider introduction of the vaccine as part of integrated disease prevention and management efforts to help get the disease under control.

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Find the article at: http://www.popsci.com/12-greatest-health-innovations-year#page-12