Sanofi Pasteur is dedicated to partnering with all stakeholders in the public health community to help bring dengue under control.  Vaccination can serve as an important new line of defense to comprehensive dengue prevention efforts in dengue-endemic countries.  These include vector control, community education and mobilization and diagnosis and case management.  Now, dengue-endemic countries can have a better chance of reaching the WHO objectives for reducting dengue mortality by 50% and morbidity by 25% by 2020.

Collaboration in Dengue Prevention

Mission Buzz :

Dengue Mission Buzz raises dengue awareness across selected ASEAN countries. In 2015, a Dengue prevention educational bus travelled over 4,000 kilometres to more than 30 communities in 6 Asian countries, to encourage individuals to prioritise Dengue prevention and control.  Today, Mission Buzz continues on its mission to spread the Dengue awareness to individuals in the region through an educational web portal.

Break Dengue :

Break Dengue is a non-profit organization that aims to connect different initiatives around the world that are addressing the issue of dengue so that together they can have a bigger impact.

Dengue Patrol :

Dengue Patrol in Malaysia encourages students to become educators and advocators of dengue prevention among their peers and family.